FREE Stuff

Try out:
Walmart Free Samples: they have a few things and they rotate so check back often to get more free samples. The samples make great individually wrapped items for 72+ hr kits, such as Tampons, Shampoos etc!

Buddy Bars

Yeah, I went and bought coupons on Ebay (40 for $5) so I could get these free and then I found this IP. Print it twice using the back button and you can get 6 buddybars free. These would be great in 73hr kits or stock up for your years supply. Ohh sorry you probably need more details. The Q is for $3/3 and right now at Walmart there $0.97, the cashier will usually adjust the price so it matchs. My poor cashier on Friday had to do it 36 times.

GE Lightbulbs at Broulims
They still have these on sale for $0.99 and theres a $1 IP here making FREE lightbulbs.

Price Lists

Here are the Price lists: Thanks to PYP for a lot of the information. There a work in progress, there are many blanks but I'm filling them in as I shop! What a great excuse to shop!!

Diaper Price Compare:

Price List: